Prototype Needed 20 Pcs Small Brass Parts

Discussion in 'Turning Work' started by mklod, Apr 22, 2018.

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  1. mklod


    We need 20 pcs each part produced ( 3 parts x 20pcs each = 60pcs total). Material not provided.

    Looking for 10-14 day turn on this. Current bid is $900, and too pricey for us.

    Accepting quotes until 27 April 2018.

    Please email me for 3D files or any other details.


    Mike (at

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  2. Kevin Dement

    Kevin Dement
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    If you want to share some full drawings with me, I can get you a quote and contact info relatively quickly. It would probably be smart to let us know what the specific purpose of the part is as well(apparently related to your "Smart Vape" product?). If you have a specific price in mind, it is probably a good idea to send a description too. These look like an attempt at an electrical socket or switch. If so, I would be happy to come up with something better for you, that will actually consistently work when you use it.

    It looks a lot like the component that has a coil mounted on it, commonly called the 'sensor,' that closes a circuit when the user inhales?
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  3. Sent email with my quote. Thank you very much for the opportunity

    Rich @ Gentner Precision Comp
  4. We are very please to quote on your three parts. Emailed quote to you today

    DeMeo Associates, LLC
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