3d printing, plastic injection molding, cnc milling


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We are a medium size shop with 3D printing, CNC milling, and plastic injection molding capability

We specialize in producing parts for 3D printing and plastic injection molding

3D Printing Capabilities

FDM (Fused Deposition Polymer) Additive 3D printing
Build envelope 225 x 150 x 125 mm (9 x 6 x 5 inch)
Layer resolution: 0.2-0.3 mm (1/8 inch)
Printing resolution: 0.2-0.3 mm (1/8 inch)
Shrinkage form factor: 5-7% with ABS plastics
Printable with ABS, PC, dissolvable HIPS filament

CNC Machining Capability

Haas TM-1P CNC
X-axis travel range – 40 inches – 1000 mm
Y-axis travel range – 16 inches – 400 mm
Z-axis travel range – 16 inches – 400 mm
Able to machine Aluminum, tool steel, Plastics, Delrin
Suitable for rapid prototyping and CNC milling

Plastic injection Molding

900-2500 ton injection molding capability
Maximum mold dimension 450 x 750 x 450 mm (18 x 30 x 8 in.)
Screw diameter: 45-60 mm
Shot size range: 173-570 cm3
Servo hydraulic drive system
KEBA 2580 Control system

Email Jay for sales service at
25 south st. clair street
Toledo Ohio 43604
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