Request For Quote- Brass Flywheel, Quote For Qty 50

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Tim Marriott

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Hello, this is a RFQ for a brass flywheel. The critical dimensions of the flywheel are the drilled center hole and the overall run-out of the outside diameter. A 3/16" reamer will be necessary for the center hole. The flywheels need to be as concentric/balanced as possible. They will be spinning at high rpm's and any significant runout will ruin the part. I'd prefer to have you ship the first part to me so I can check it at full rpm before making the rest of the parts. Let me know if that's possible.

  • Material: Any grade of brass
  • Please provide and quote material
  • Quantity: Please quote for 50 pieces
  • Required time-frame: 3-4 weeks
  • Please email quotes to:
  • Please quote for shipping to Idaho 83402
  • I'll close the RFQ in about a week
I have the part in CAD. If you need a specific file format to make the part, just let me know. Feel free to email me if you have further questions. Thanks.


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  • Flywheel 2.88 in OD __ 0.75 in Thickness Drawing With 0.001 Runout.PDF
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+/-.0001" hole location tolerance is a bit of wishful thinking. I get that you want this for balance, but this accuracy, if actually measured and verified, would make this part far more expensive than if it was simply dynamically balanced after machining.




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Yes, just what is close to you? Best to make available all info or you will get out of spec parts. Make known and I may bid as well .I'd hope for your sake you don't have a pile of quotes already.


We are very interested in this work. I am concerned about the unit being balanced. I can definitely hold the tolerances if you are ok with that.
we intend to send three finished parts for approval before the production run
do you want all 50 at the same time or staggered delivery?

we will email our quote


Nick DeMeo
DeMeo Associates, LLC


Please call with any concerns or questions


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