CAD/CAM/CAE Projects available, register your interest.

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  1. We are looking to recruit a small amount of highly skilled individuals to work remotely on client projects from any of the following domains:

    Projects target:
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Engineering Services
    • Product Design
    • Tool/Machine Design
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Civil Engineering

    Work from your own home or office, work the hours you like (send your resumes to

    Software resources:
    • AutoCAD
    • Unigraphics
    • CATIA
    • Pro/Engineer
    • I-Deas (C3P)
    • Solidworks
    • Alias
    • Architectural Desktop
    • Eplan
    • Patran
    • Nastran
    • Ansys
    • Fluent
    • Cosmos
    • PowerShape
    • Abaqus
    • PowerMill
    • AlphaCam
    • MasterCam
    • Vericut
    • Work NC
    • Windchill
    • Enovia
    • TeamCentre
    • Smarteam
    • e-Matrix

    Industries available:
    • Aerospace
    • Agriculture
    • Automotive
    • Communications
    • Computers & Peripherals
    • Construction
    • Consumer/Products
    • Earthmoving
    • Electronics/Semiconductors
    • Engineering/Design
    • Food/Processing
    • General Engineering/Machining
    • HVAC/Refrigeration
    • Industrial Machinery, Tools, Equipment
    • Marine
    • Materials Handling/Lifting
    • Medical/Biotechnology
    • Military
    • Mining
    • Oil & Gas
    • Packaging
    • Paper/Printing
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Piping
    • Plastics Manufacturing
    • Public Utilities
    • Railways
    • Research and Development
    • Safety
    • Textiles/Clothing
    • Transport
    • Warehouse/Storage
    • Water Resources
  2. We may be interested.
    please contact us with more information
  3. Is this similiar to eLance, where you bid against people that can actually live on $2 USD a day?
  4. CAD/CAM/CAE Project Inquiries.

    Hello Fred, I would be more than happy to discuss further details about our projects. Please email me your business profile or CV to

    Ps: I can assure you will not be expected to compete with such outrages projects prices.

    Best regards,
    Julian Peters
    Sourcing Specialist
  5. Cad/cam

    Anyone send info in? Any feed back would be good.
  6. Question Answered

    Offcourse we have supplied information, to those whom have submitted their resumes, only. So far we have selected 157, CAD/CAM & CAE professionals to join our recruitment program. We are still going through all the applications; we will endeavour to be in contact with each individual who has applied. Thank you for the enquiry, Julian Peters :) (
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    Is this still available to get into? If so, Please send info to
  8. av1a

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  9. emugtech

    CAD/CAM provider
    CAD CAM Design & Engineering services

    Dear peters,

    I sent you email with details about our company (from I look forward to hear from you.

    Siva Patnaik
  10. Services

    Need our services.. please contact us!!!
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    is this post still alive
  13. dmaciel

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    15 +Yrs Unigraphics experience through NX
    10 Yrs Computer Vision Personal Designer
    20 Yrs Toolmaker Jig and Fixture Design, Injection Mold Repair, Blow Mold Repair and Vaccum Molding and Mold Design.
    currently own a licensed seat of NX 1 thru 7.5 Mach Designer Bundle

    I have worked for the past 23 years in the Aerospace Industry Designing Manifold Tube Bending Assembly/Check Fixtures


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