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Dear Members and Friends,

We assist our clients in building custom plastic injection mould tools, and injection moulding production, offer you customized support, tooling know-how, processing knowledge and trouble-shooting capability. Either you are requesting a 1st or 5th Class mold tooling, you will have from us a satifying cost-effective proposal. we promise you every mold component has a traceability to reach the origin.

Our special experiences in automotive, consumer electronics and medical markets enable us for hot manifold, unscrewing/thread-forming, 2K(2 components), high gloss/polish, and precision mold tooling. we have sound knowledge molding with ABS; PC; PE; PP; PS; HDPE; LDPE; PA6; PA6.6; PA12;TPU; TPE; TPR; TPV and all possible compounds e.g. PP/Copo; PC/ABS; as well as Glass-filled, Talc-filled, and Metal-filled. We are ISO 9001 certified and willing to provide customer references for quality and trust issues.

If you have a project to go, please contact us. You will be glad you did.

Ms. Christina LIAO
Sr. Sales Specialist.
Kesan Mold & Plastic Ltd.
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Hi.. I m james mount, Right now i m working on injection molding, project for this i required some deep knowledge regarding the Internal structure of molding machine and most useful electronics device which is used in molding machine.If any one working on this project then please provide me some valuable information... Thanks