Request For Quote- Large frame/plate

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I will leave RFQ open until 4/5 will place order by 4/12. I prefer to order the weldment and the plate together. I want t,hem shipped to me assembled. You do not need to be able to machine both but, you must be responsible for sourcing both as well as quality.

Thank you


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I don't see how the frame will stay flat.
In my experience stress will change it every time temp and humidity changes.
Not trying to be an ass - I was going to (want to) quote this job until I saw the .005// on the HSS frame.
This design will be VERY expensive.
Maybe I can help next time.
We design and source 5-6 frames of this size a year all with the 0.005"/foot tolerance. None of our vendors (they are also quoting on this) have ever had a concern with the tolerance. The top surface (surface with the M8 tapped holes) will need to be machined. The opposite (bottom) side is for leveling pads and does not require flatness.
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