Need milling fixtured for small aluminum end panels


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We use a few hundred per month of the following case: (1455C801BK)
We mill various small holes in the end panels. The panels are used in multiple products and hole locations change between them. End panels are black anodized aluminum. Parts need to come off burr free, because deburring will be visible silver against the black. Here is an example part:

In house we have a CNC knee mill. We usually use a 3 flue 1/8" carbide end mill. Coolant is either mist or WD40 from a small spray bottle.

I am looking for a fixture that could hold a reasonable number of these panels (6, 10, 12)? and would clamp in a Kurt D675 vise. Fixture would be loaded by non-skilled labor and needs to be reasonably "idiot proof". The back face can get scratched/marked, but the sides and front face needs to stay mark free.

Currently my fixture is a single pocket with a Mitee-Bite 10202.
The problem I have is that the Mitee hex thing will rotate and then the operator won't get it to clamp right. And the operator I would like to have run the parts has arthritic fingers and doesn't like dealing with the little Allen wrench. Scrap rate is pretty high because of this. We just went from doing 20 of these a month to low hundreds.

I think the ideal fixture might be a little pallet system where one pallet could be loaded off the machine while one is running. Each end panel takes about 15 to 45 seconds to run.

Would anybody like to propose to build a fixture for this? We are looking for hundreds of dollars, not thousands of dollars.


-James Jarvis


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Hello kb0thn,
I am new to the site so if this has already been sourced then I would like to add my information to future RFQ opportunities. Our company is a (100) employee contract manufacturer specializing in:
Design & Development
Prototyping & Modeling
Fixture & Production Tooling
Production Machining
Kitting, Sub-Assembly & Assembly

We have been in business since 1965 and our facility is located in Kentucky.

Feel free to respond to or (423) 972-5757

Thank You!
Fixture design is one of my specialtys. If you can send me a drawing of your enclosure over to I will get you a design and a quote Asap.

I am a new guy on the block, one man operation based out of Clearfield UT. I have been a machinist as well as a tooling engineer for the past seven years.

I guarentee quality and will make sure your fixture will work ideally.