Need short stainless round bar..

Discussion in 'Scraps' started by StealthDumpTrucks, May 8, 2006.

  1. Looking to purchase all your stainless round tail ends in 3/4, 1 dia., minimum length is 3". Also need 1.25 dia, minimum at 7". Send me a list and your asking price. Box it or can it, weigh it, measure dimensions of container and I'll send UPS to pick it up with a call tag. Over 75 pounds we can send a flat bed if you can load it off the dock or forklift. US based companies only!
  2. pyroracing85

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    I don't have over 75 lbs but I have 12" of 1" dia hah... Probably would be more to ship than it is to buy.. but just letting you know if you are ever here tampa,florida
  3. I have some random shorts 5/8 by about 4feet and 1" to 2.5 dia. most 12" or less
    I will send better info tomorrow if your interested
  4. michalswarm

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    I am interested in this deal if you even need more than i will be
    comfortable with it, but there are some terms that you will have
    to follow. I need half payment before the delivery, and half after
    its being delivered.
  5. jackportd

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    I am looking to forward to purchase TP316 Stainless Steel Round Bar can you give me the Quotation in this below link.
  6. jsmachineshops sent me a PM, I can't reply until he deletes some of his inbox.

    My message is: I'm interested in 303, 304, 304L, 316. What have you got in 0.75", 1", 1.0625, 1.125 and 1.25? My minimum lengths are 3" up to 1.125" dia. and 7" in 1.25". I make very short parts on a manual lathe for my products. I prefer 304 & 304L under 1.125" dia. for welding. However, if you have 6" or longer ends, I can use them for pivot pins in any grade.
  7. cleve.goddard

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    Try to Google it. It will give you more relevant information. All the Best.

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