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    I am looking for someone to train me on GibbsCAM 2013.
    I have been programming cnc for over 10 years and have used just about every package out there but not GibbsCAM.

    I am looking for a basic training covering subjects such as:
    Mill and Turn
    Work Fixture offsets (including multi vise scenarios).
    Typical machining Ops such as pocketing,surfacing, tapping drilling etc.
    Setting up tool database.
    Understanding how to select and edit the Post Processor for my machines.
    Along with other basic training to get starting making my first chip.

    Project Miles Stones:
    I am looking for a 3 stage Training project.
    Stage 1: Setup and basics of how to start making chips for Mill.
    Stage 2: Setup and basics of how to start making chips for Turn.
    Stage 3: Commonly used advanced features.

    Must be excellent on GibbsCAM (and Solidworks preferred)
    Be reasonably priced. I am paying for this out of my own pocket.
    Ability to teach remotely via voice and remote desktop (Pref Teamviewer)
    Available during the afternoons CT and weekends.
    Speak English clearly.
    Must have adequate internet speed.
    Depending on the Trainer I am thinking 2-4hrs per Training Stage.
    I will need to have training completed by Jan/24/2014

    What to expect:
    You are dealing with a person that understands CAD/CAM very well and just needs to understand the workflow of GibbsCAM, not someone that is just starting out.
    I currently program in VisualMill for Solidworks, Vectric Aspire, Artcam and a few others FYI.
    I have a very large bandwidth up and down so remote support will not be slow from my end.
    My pc is well beyond adequate for GibbsCAM so Trainer should also not experience delays in rendering or programming due to pc.

    I look forward to working with you.

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