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Discussion in 'Club house' started by gpcinc, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. I thought posters who leave pricing in public threads were going to be booted off?? Seems like this is mostly from foreign shops but this is not fair to those of us that are obiding by the rules. What's the deal administrator??????
  2. Agree, they should be booted, and those posts should be removed immediately once reported.
  3. Everyone that agrees should let this be known on this thread. Maybe then the administrator will do something about it. I don't see why foreign shops are even allowed to bid, foreigners sure aren't putting any work up to bid on so why should they be allowed to bid...
  4. Let the buyer beware if they are ignorant enough to fall for the offshore 'pricing". Do any of us want to work with the shmuck who is looking for bottom dollar with ZERO regard for quality/service/etc? As for booting, yes, the TOS clearly states that is not allowed, so that should be enforced.
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    Any chance is fair
  6. As long as foreign companies are following the rules, I do not have a problem. A vast majority of the people breaking the rules are foreign. IF only your (foreign) companies had to follow the rules and regulations that we have to follow every day, you would not see flack from me. When OSHA and New York State Department of Evironemntal Conservation start stopping at your place of business, I will stop bitching about it.
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