Request For Quote- Qty 200, .625"od Delrin Tube

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AceTech Engineering
Hi everyone. I'm looking for someone with a CNC to cut 200+ chamfered Delrin tubes. The tolerances are pretty tight for plastic (+-.001) but I've had success hitting that on my manual lathe on prototypes of these parts.

Drawing is attached.
Surface finish isn't specified in drawing, and I'm flexible. But

For stock, use Black DuPont Delrin such as McMaster 8576K18, not a generic acetal.

Long lead time (>1mo) is OK. Quote at qty 200, depending on price I might increase the qty to ~400.



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Thank you for the opportunity! I will be sending quote via private message. I was wondering in Parker was still posting. Worked on three parts quotes for him and told me he would be placing an order soon. Then he just stopped replying to email? I would love to find out more info about those projects as we made a few samples.

Thank you
Rich Gentner

Kevin Dement

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I sent you a private message. Let me know if you need any additional info to make a decision.
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