Spline broach

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Looking for a shop to make a push type spline broach. See attached picture for the part shape. The spline is approx. 0.5" dia. I do not have any print on the part, just the sample parts.

As you can see, the final part will have a slot with a bolt to clamp down. The size of the broached spline does not need to hold tight tolerance.

I plan to use the broach in a manual/hydraulic press.

I will send the parts for formal quotation if an estimate is provided. I do have a need for the broach soon, please reply soon if there are any questions.




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Might check with Pioneer Broach Service Co. 210 Air Park Road, Atwater, CA 95301 - phone 209-357-0500, fax 209-357-2533. If they can not make you a broach they probably could tell you someone who could. If these guys can not help you, call Ash Gear & Supply Inc. @ 248-374-6155 and they can probably have a broach made for you or tell you someone who could make the broach.

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