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TNN Manufacturing Co. Inc., located in Houston, Texas, is a comprehensive manufacturing facility dedicated to contract manufacturing and job machining utilizing state of the art, multi-axis CNC machines, and equipment. For more than 25 years, TNN has prided itself for having provided machined products, held to the highest standards and tolerances, to a variety of industries including oil and gas, petrochemical, automotive and pharmaceutical. These products have been manufactured in varying grades of steels, ceramics, and polymers. Our qualified engineers and skilled machinists have adapted their expertise and knowledge to the art of precision machining by utilizing the latest technologies in machinery and tooling. This has resulted in a reliance upon exceptional quality for your component requirements whether they be large or small. From start to finish, TNN ensures that all our manufacturing services are planned and controlled under a well documented Quality System that provides reliable inspection procedures and rigorous record keeping. This discipline is manifested to assure our customers that all our products and services will either meet or exceed their requirements and expectations. TNN also offers comprehensive welding services in compliance with ASME Section IX, API, NACE, DNV, ABS specifications and surface finish improvements, including coatings and electro-polishing, on specific materials. TNN is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company.

We welcome the opportunity to service your requirements and to prove ourselves a worthy and valuable source of supply to your company.

Qualitiy Control:

TNN is committed to meeting the expectations and requirements of our customers. We at TNN realize that our success totally depends upon the highest level of employee involvement and their continuous improvement to optimize their performance.

All of our employees are dedicated to complying with the requirements set forth in our quality management system and are continually seeking ways to improve its effectiveness.

Our Quality Policy is communicated to all employees by way of orientation and ongoing internal audits. The Quality Policy Statement is prominently displayed throughout the company’s premises.

Our Quality Objectives are:
- 100% Conforming Products
- 100% On Time Delivery
- 100% Corrective Action
- 100% Customer Satisfaction

ISO Certificate

TNN has for many years manufactured parts and components for the most prestigious and internationally recognized end users, OEMs, contractors and engineering based companies. Our pedigree permeates into a variety of industries. Whether their needs have been for manufacturing of micro-components or large pieces weighing 20 tons, TNN has the capabilities and expertise to handle such demands regardless of the engineering or material complexities.

TNNs extensive product portfolio includes the following: drilling tools, oilfield equipment and assemblies, pump casings, heat treating and valve components.

Situated on more than 10 acres of land, with easy access to local and state highways, TNN’s manufacturing facilities consist of more than 50,000 square feet of a climate controlled environment that ensures the safety and comfort for its employees while at the same time ease and accuracy in materials management.

As well as providing for normal administrative functions, our offices are designed to accommodate not only for training, with the most modern of visual aids and equipment but also for client meetings and entertaining needs.

TNN currently maintains an aggressive capital expansion philosophy by adding and upgrading its equipment to meet the stringent demands of a progressive industry. By employing state of the art CNC technology for turning, milling, drilling, tapping and deburring, TNN can guarantee the precision machining required for holding tight tolerances and consistent quality with CMM to verify and report dimension.
While it being impossible to convey our entire equipment portfolio through this form of medium, we have illustrated and described just a portion of our manufacturing assets to demonstrate our capabilities.

CRA: 2x Arc-05PL hotwire Automatic clading-GTAW Process, 4xSub Arc

5Axis: DMU 210FD, 5axis Mill & Turning Centre (1800mm,2,2100mm,1250mm(X,Y,Z) (State of the Art Multi axis complete machining- Mill turn, VTL able 80″ table)
4 Axis: DMU 65 MonoBlock, 2X(OKK KCV800), 4X (Mori H8800 35″ _2 pallets 5x(Kuraki KBT13,118X90″y,60″z, 30,000 lbs Table 71″x79″), 4x Matsura CNC mills, 4x(EC1600 – CNC Horizontal Mill, 10,000 lbs table load)
3 Axis: 6x(Mori NV7000, 2xVF9)_Hass, Mazak, Matsura 2 Axis: 10x(Moriseiki SL-603, Dainichi B105 16.8″ thru bore, 4000mm, 4xMazak SQT Samsung SL45,3x Hardings Conquest 65 Lathe, AmeriSeiki (2x)
VTL :4x (OM_Vertical Lathe up to 120″ dia x 80″ under rail 40,000 lbs load)
Mill/Turn: Moriseiki NLX2500 SY complex machining table

We welcome you to visit us and experience a truly hospitable environment.

Thanks and Regards
James Rodriguez
TNN Mfg. Sales Representative


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