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    Overflow Lathe Work (closed)

    Job has been awarded to a member Thanks Pm me if you want to know the winning bid and lead time.
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    Overflow Lathe Work (closed)

    I will it open for another day or so
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    Overflow Lathe Work (closed)

    Small job to Quote Details- 3" Dia X 1.0" Material- 6061 AL, Raw 63 or better Qty-4 Nothing really critical minus the oring grove on depth Break all sharp corners Lead time- 2 weeks or less would be preferred Post or PM then we forward you an email. Model and un-edited PDF/drawing will be...
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    Small Delrin Parts - Qty 25

    on delrin won't be cheap
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    Small Job Quote Needed Plate

    Could you email the model in any major format?
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    Request For Quote- 279mm x 179mm x 14.5mm Aluminum

    Please email a stp file I would like to take a closer look
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    Small Job Quote Needed 4140 Steel Chop Saw Stops, qty 10

    Please send over models or more detailed pdfs You can contact me at Thanks we are located in NorthWestern Ohio
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    Hex Pieces and Flat Screw Driver Tools

    I updated the Original Post with PDF Please contact at the email above with quotes but post here first easier to keep track of