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I want a die set that can be used with a garage scale 40t hydr. press to stamp out some small brass eschecucean plates, one at a time.
. Please see photo attached.
The ones I wish to copy are about .020thick brass.
I will need both halves of the die, and it should be hardened.
The part I need is only 1.375 dia, but has some depth to it....about 3/8 inch.
I may need a progressive die set as well, I do not have any experience with this.
I am just a hobbyist, and only plan on making about 120 of these parts for re-sale.



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Die Set

Do you need the complete die set or just the stamping dies. Reason I ask is because a complete die set for 120 pcs is going to be quite expensive. Also, do they need to be exact replicas?